Beginning of Semester Potluck!!!!! Welcome back!

A partir de cette année, le club de McGill “B.Refuge” offrira un événement mensuel pour faciliter la rencontre des membres de la communauté. N’importe qui peut nous joindre, si vous êtes nouvellement arrivé(e) à Montréal, ou si vous vous intéressez à ceux ou celles qui le sont. Chaque mois, l’événement aura un thème différent pour permettre aux gens de partager leurs intérêts et d’apprendre des autres. Le thème pour ce mois-ci est… La Nourriture!

Apportez votre plat préféré, et ensemble nous allons créer un repas commun, o ù tout le monde peut essayer quelque chose de nouveau. Ça ne doit pas être un plat luxueux, seulement quelque chose que vous aimeriez partager avec les autres! L’événement aura lieu le 28 janvier, à La Maison de L’Amitié (détails à suivre). À bientôt!

Date: January 28, 2012
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Location: House of Friendship/Maison de l’Amitie
120 rue Duluth Est, Montreal, QC, H2W 1H1
Starting in the new year, B. Refuge will be hosting a monthly social gathering for the purpose of bringing community members together. Anyone is welcome to attend, whether you are new to Montreal or are interested in getting to know those who are. Each month the gathering will have a different theme to allow people to share their own skills and interests and to learn about others. The theme for January is: Food!
Bring any type of food that you like to eat and together we will create a potluck dinner where everyone gets to try something new. It doesn’t have to be fancy or creative, just something that you enjoy and would like to share. This gathering will be on January 28 at the House of Friendship. More details are below.  See you there!

If you have any questions or concerns, email us at

You can also join the facebook event here:

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Events for Week of October 17-23

Hey guys!
Here’s the events happening this week! We hope you can make it to them in the midst of midterm season. Power through!

1. Boundary Training
Wednesday 5:30-6:30 in SSMU Room 403. If people cannot make this time there can be a make-up session on Friday from 5:30-6:30 in the SSMU Ballroom, but you MUST get back to us confirming you need to do the Friday training (we will cancel it if no one asks for the make-up session)

Three Reasons to Do the Training:

-Mandatory event if you want to join the buddy program!
-Looks great on your resumé!
-Rumours of free pizza, and if not, some other delicious form of refreshment!

2. Refugees in the City Workshop

Friday October 21 from 1-3 in the SSMU Ballroom
-Yet another great opportunity to interact and learn!
-Please confirm your attendance on the facebook event at!/event.php?eid=163863673703947 and join the BRefuge Group while you’re at it!

3. Group Event: Climb Up the Mountain!!!!!!
-Sunday October 23
-Opportunity to meet and mingle with other members of BRefuge and refugees
-Free bagels and cream cheese provided
-Bring frisbees or soccer balls or other fun outdoor things
-Exact time and meeting location TBA

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Do 1 Thing 2011 – Le Show Pours Les Refugiées!!!! November 25, 8 PM

This is going to be really fun! Check out more at

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Instead of 6-7 in the SSMU caf, the meeting will be held from 7-8 in a different TBA location. The advantage to this time change is that there will be a general meeting for half an hour, and then after an half an hour presentation by Janet Dench – the executive director of Canadian Council for Refugees. This is an amazing opportunity if you want to learn more about the ways refugees enter into Canada, the different reasons why they leave in the first place, the different ways they are treated upon arrival, and perhaps also the differences between refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers.

She’ll definitely let us know of some ways we can get involved!

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Upcoming Events!!!!!

Three Great Events/Meeting this Week:

1. B.Refuge will be holding a general meeting from 6-7 pm this upcoming Tuesday September 27th in the SSMU Cafeteria on the Second Floor of the SSMU Building.
During this meeting, Kelsey will be giving a short presentation on the refugee system in Canada for everyone who wanted to learn a little bit more about the cause of our organization. Some of the posts below can also help in becoming informed about the current campaigns happening in the area.

2. Kelsey is trying to organize a meeting sometime during this week to revamp the buddy program. Anyone who is really disappointed the buddy program is tentatively delayed should get in contact with us at so we can make sure to let you know of the day and time.
You can sign up for the doodle here: to indicate what day/time works best for you.

3. There will be a FALL CLEANING this upcoming Saturday October 1st at Maison Haidar, a residence for refugees and other newly arrived persons in Canada. Cleaning may not sound like the most exciting way to spend your Saturday afternoon, but this activity is actually really fun and rewarding! Please email us at if you plan on attending!

Saturday happens to be the day where Maison Haidar hosts Zone Libre -a weekly event where more than 50 individuals (past and current residents) come together to visit with old friends, make new acquaintances, and, of course, participate in cultural exchanges. So, not only will you become better acquainted with the other members of B.Refuge, but you will also hopefully get the opportunity to meet people who are staying at the residence! The cherry on top of course is free food will be supplied. 🙂
So come on out this week before midterms begin because all three of these events are awesome ways to get involved!!

To sign off, here’s an inspiring story about how Maison Haidar got its name:
The Maison Haidar received its name from a 16-year old youth from Afghanistan who arrived in Montreal alone.  His courage, determination and will to persevere in difficult circumstances had a tremendous impact on the residence.  His presence led the Project Refuge team to reflect on their efforts to assist individuals experiencing high levels of stress due to the difficulties they have faced throughout their forced migration.

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Building a Solidarity City : A conference on access to services for non-status migrants

An invitation from Solidarity Across Borders …
Building a Solidarity City : A conference on access to services for non-status migrants

Solidarity Across Borders is organizing a day-long conference to discuss and share strategies about access to services (health care, schooling, food banks, housing, etc) for non-status migrants. We’re inviting local community organizers and activists, health care workers, researchers and all people interested in this topic to participate in this conference in order to reinforce our links of solidarity and mutual aid.

WHEN : Saturday, October 1st, 2011, from 9am-5pm
WHERE : Hall Building at Concordia University, 7th floor
1455 de Maisonneuve West, métro Guy-Concordia

* Childcare and kids activities on-site (free)
* Whisper translation (English, French, Spanish)
* Wheelchair accessible
* Snacks and free lunch available on-site
* Please confirm your participation ( / 514-848-7583)


For thousands of undocumented immigrants across the country, cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are sweatshops. Immigrants and refugees work the most precarious and dangerous jobs. The Canadian economy cannot survive without this work force that is exploited due to the lack of permanent status and the threat of forced removal. These undocumented people are our neighbors, our colleagues, our classmates and our friends. They are people whose only “crime” was to migrate in the search for a better life for themselves and their family.

Too often non-status migrants do not have access to essential services such as health care, education or social services. Or, they might never dare entering a hospital, clinic or food bank for fear that their status be revealed to the authorities.

In 2009, Solidarity Across Borders launched the “Solidarity City” campaign. Inspired by “Sanctuary City” movements and by the “Right to City” principle, Solidarity City aims to make Montreal a city where essential services are truly available to everyone, regardless of their immigration status. We undertake this campaign in the context of the larger goal of putting into place a regularization program for all non-status persons living in Canada.

In the current context of a re-elected Conservative majority government, the Solidarity City campaign constitutes a response to austerity measures and the repressive policies of the Canadian state. We are not waiting for this government to give us presents: we choose instead to organize on our own basis, according to principles that have guided migrant justice struggles in Montreal: mutual aid, building networks of support that break isolation and fear, solidarity between different social justice struggles, direct action and the organization of campaigns based on the lived realities of migrants.

We invite allied groups and local community organizers and activists to join us on October 1, 2011 to discuss together the issues linked to access to essential services by non-status persons, and to share our experiences and strategies so that together we can building a Solidarity City.

Proposed Agenda (October 1, 2011):

9am-10am: Breakfast and Coffee

10am-12pm: Discussion – Education For All!
How do we organize to ensure access to public education by non-status children? How can we make links with the movement for accessible education?

10am-12pm: Discussion – Health Care For All!
How do ensure real and universal access to the health care system?

12pm-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm-3:30pm: Discussion – Community Services (food and housing)
What are the issues related to access to food banks and other community resources by non-status people? How do we make the link between migrant struggles and the struggle for accessible and affordable housing?

1:30pm-3:30pm: Discussion – Women/Trans Shelters and Services
How can we create a situation where immigration agents cannot enter womens/trans shelters?

4pm-5pm : Closing Plenary

You can attend the discussions that directly interest you, or the entire day. The discussions will be organized to share strategies between participants. We are hoping that concrete projects will emerge from this day.

Please confirm your attendance (and if possible, which workshops you are interested in attending). We will be organizing information tables, so please let us know if you want to share informational materials.

Working groups are organizing each of the conference discussions. If you want to contribute to the organization of one of these discussions, please let us know as soons as possible at

The conference is fully wheelchair accessible. For other accessibility needs, please get in touch at

We will also be offering free childcare and kids activities on-site. Please contact us (at least 48 hours in advance, if possible) to request childcare. We will also have free bus/metro tickets available.

INFO: / 514-848-7583

This posted is directly copied from the Solidarity Across Borders website to help inform B.Refuge members and others about about a great event that is happening next weekend at Concordia!

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Some Groups B.Refuge is Affiliated With, and Some Campaigns

B. Refuge just had its first annual meeting today, and we’re happy to announce it was well attended! Thanks to all who came out for it!!!

Before next meeting, feel free to learn about some of the issues Canadian refugees are currently facing, and try to get acquainted with some of the organizations we work with.

First of all, it’s important to know that B. Refuge is proud to be a QPIRG working group. QPIRG stands for Quebec Public Interest Research Group, and basically conducts research, education and action in the name of environmental and social justice. You can learn more about QPIRG’s mandate here.

Another organization we work closely with is the Canadian Council for Refugees. They keep us well informed on issues that refugees in Canada are facing. You can  check out some of CCR’s current campaigns here.
Learn about….
Refugee transportation loans
Human trafficking in Canada
Refugee Migrant Workers
The Delayed Process of Family Reunification

To learn more about other organizations and issues, check out our blogroll on the side bar.

These campaigns should give you a glimpse into some the issues refugees are facing in Canada, and hopefully inspire you to want to take action with us!

We will be having a formal training in the next couple of weeks so stay posted!

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