Some of B. Refuge’s Goals:

  • To stimulate and develop harmonious relationships between refugees and Montreal society creating an atmosphere free of prejudice, fear, hate, violence and helplessness.
  • To provide natural and open communication channels to learn and improve language skills.
  • To develop an understanding of the needs and emotions of one’s own culture and the culture of others and to value and respect this diversity.
  • To provide encouragement and support for refugees in the process of adjusting and adapting to a new language, culture, climate and community.
  • To provide an opportunity for McGill students to develop an understanding of thesituation of refugees in Montreal within a greater social, political and economic context.
  • To ensure the quality of the exchanges through a thorough and comprehensive student training program.
  • To open information channels about the rights, responsibilities and available resources in the community that will assist new refugees.
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