Some Groups B.Refuge is Affiliated With, and Some Campaigns

B. Refuge just had its first annual meeting today, and we’re happy to announce it was well attended! Thanks to all who came out for it!!!

Before next meeting, feel free to learn about some of the issues Canadian refugees are currently facing, and try to get acquainted with some of the organizations we work with.

First of all, it’s important to know that B. Refuge is proud to be a QPIRG working group. QPIRG stands for Quebec Public Interest Research Group, and basically conducts research, education and action in the name of environmental and social justice. You can learn more about QPIRG’s mandate here.

Another organization we work closely with is the Canadian Council for Refugees. They keep us well informed on issues that refugees in Canada are facing. You can  check out some of CCR’s current campaigns here.
Learn about….
Refugee transportation loans
Human trafficking in Canada
Refugee Migrant Workers
The Delayed Process of Family Reunification

To learn more about other organizations and issues, check out our blogroll on the side bar.

These campaigns should give you a glimpse into some the issues refugees are facing in Canada, and hopefully inspire you to want to take action with us!

We will be having a formal training in the next couple of weeks so stay posted!

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